Community-led, grassroots initiative to negotiate bulk discounts on heat pump installations.

Hyperlocal benchmarks feat. 20+ contractors. Deep quality research & vetting. We're neighbors in Boston & beyond sharing quotes to get the best deal possible for efficient heating upgrades. Join us & save thousands.


What's a heat pump/mini-split?

These reversible air conditioners cool your home in the summer, and heat your home in the winter - all from the same device. Widespread in Asia and Europe, heat pumps are quickly gaining traction in the US. They both work with and without central air ducts.

If you replace your heating with heat pumps, Mass Save will give you a $10k rebate.

In the MA market, Mitsubishi is typically considered the gold standard for cold climate heat pumps. Fujitsu & Gree also have a presence. Though cost is the main driver of who we end up striking a bulk deal with, when all else is equal, Mitsubishi offers the highest known quality and we tend to gravitate towards installers who do Mitsubishi.

A ductless mini-split is shown at the bottom of this page :)

How do you vet contractors & ensure high quality?

When we strike a bulk deal, we only do it after vetting at least 5 references, all online reviews, and company size & history. I also try to personally visit the contractor's facility for a walkthrough (we did this with Forge).

  1. We start with the 100 closest contractors to the benchmark address from Mass Save's Heat Pump Installer Network dataset.
  2. We filter out ~75 contractors right off the bat based on quality (or lack of info). We typically exclude smaller (<5) shops unless they have good reviews, or Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor status.
  3. We obtain quotes from about 25 remaining contractors.
  4. We personally negotiate & vet references for the 3 best installers. They're willing to give us a lower price in exchange for our bulk volume.
  5. We strike a deal with the best offer.

With our pre-negotiated rate, buyers regularly save 20% to 30% off market average, translating to thousands of dollars in savings.

Which contractor do you have a deal with?

In our current Spring 2024 campaign, we have a deal with Elephant Energy (design & rebate processing) + Forge (installations). We previously partnered with them for our Fall 2023 bulk deal, and based on what I've seen from that campaign, I believe they offer high quality installations (with the 12 year warranty of a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer & all) at one of the most competitive prices on the market.

The pre-negotiated menu prices are designed to cut out the typical time-consuming, back & forth negotiating you'd have with other contractors. When you get a quote from Elephant, it's already the lowest you can get.

In our previous campaign, we also worked with N.E.T.R. We still think they're great, but their ductless only design isn't super competitive (pricing-wise) when it comes to larger, single-family homes in places like Malden.

What do past buyers think?

Here are a few of the folks who participated in our fall campaign:

"I ultimately signed up with Boston Ductless Systems. They are finishing the install today or tomorrow. They price matched NETR. The only reason I went with them was the price match and the fact that I had already signed a contract with them. But the first contract was $31k and the price matched one was $23.5k, so you saved me a boat load of money!!" Stephanie E.

"I'm a first time home owner and this is all really overwhelming to me - your post and your work saved me endless stress, and, obviously, a big chunk of change as well. I really appreciate you and hope many others are thanking you as well!" Eliza D.

"Once we get all clear from our neighbors we're good to go with Elephant, thanks again for organizing." Kaleb A.

"That's awesome. I'd say we are where it should be. Seems like a win win for customers and companies. And the environment, for that matter." Scott S. (who helped kick off the Fall campaign!)

I said it before & I'll say it again - I can't really do this without everyone who participated in the fall. I thank them endlessly.

Does everyone get a $10k rebate?

If you live in a triple decker, or a single family home: yes. Everyone who completes a whole home installation qualifies for $10k in MassSave rebates, and an additional $2k in the form of a tax credit from the Inflation Reduction Act. The MassSave rebate currently takes a few months to process, and there's a 0% loan that can cover the upfront cost as you wait for that rebate to come through.

The contractor we have a deal with right now, Elephant Energy, has the ability to take that $10k off your upfront cost & handle the paperwork.

Our intake form will tell you if you qualify for $16k (or more) enhanced incentives if you fall under these income ranges.

If you live in a multifamily building: you'd qualify for a partial rebate. While this isn't as much as the $10k, it's still typically a few thousand per unit. If this is you, fill out the intake form & we'll talk.

Who's running this?

Kit Wu. He lives next to Central Square in Cambridge, MA. He started this because he thought it was ridiculous that nobody knew the prices of heat pump installations, and that we needed to make prices transparent and affordable for energy efficient heating to really go mainstream.

Before doing this, Kit worked at Commonwealth Fusion Systems, lived in New York, and did battery research at Harvard's SEAS.

Hannan Rhodes. A heat pump enthusiast with firsthand installation experience, he's worked extensively in solar and is testing new ways to gauge contractor & equipment quality. He's looking to make installations even more affordable.

Laminar is backed by a Mass Save Community Education Grant, and we're building new partnerships all the time.