Spring 2024 Campaign

Spring 2024 Campaign

FYI: we've fully booked out installation capacity in a little more than a month. Thank you everyone who participated! For those who didn't make it in time - sign up on our main page. You'll be the first to know if there's a follow-up to this spring bulk deal.. 

We are extending a partnership with Elephant + Forge that caps install costs at $15,250 for a standard 3 zone mini-split setup. 

Hey Boston! After spending three weeks researching market prices for single family homes out in the suburbs (a blind spot we had last time w/our triple decker condo benchmark), we now have a new deal with Elephant Energy (https://elephantenergy.com/) & Forge (https://www.forgeco.com/). 

If you're interested, fill out this form

Forge, out in the field

Anyone can take advantage of this at least until March, and likely till April, and I'm posting the numbers here as a price ceiling because I really don't think you should be paying anything more than what's listed here (with any installer). 

Note: these estimates are valid only for standard, wall-mounted ductless mini-splits, and central air systems. Elephant + Forge can handle other installations, but if you're getting a ceiling cassette requiring carpentry work on the ceiling, it can deviate substantially.

Here's what Elephant is offering for standard installations:





3 head, 2.5 ton

$15,250.00 (↓ $250 vs. fall)


4 head, 3 ton



5 head, 3.5 ton



2 ton ducted

$16,500.00 (↑ $500 vs. fall)


3 ton ducted

$17,500.00 (↓ $1k vs. fall)


3.5 ton ducted



4 ton ducted



Mixed 1 AHU + 2 MS heads


Here's the table of difficulty adders particularly relevant for ducted installations:


Additional Cost

Attic / crawlspace AHUs


Lineset difficulty adder (through finished space, ceiling, etc)


Build ductwork in attic, crawlspace or unfinished basement (must be sufficient space)

$10/sqft conditioned space

Add supply / return to existing ductwork

$750 / $1,250

Repair existing ductwork

$350 per repair

Drywall patch (no paint)

$500 per hole

Install sub-panel


Panel & Service upgrade

$5,500 - $7,000

Remove boiler


Remove oil tank


Here are a couple more relevant to ductless installs:


Additional Cost

3rd Floor of Triple Decker (condenser on ground)

$500 per head

Condenser on the Roof (if a boom or scissor lift is required)


Lineset through drywall (including patch, no paint)

$500 per hole


If you have any questions, feel free to send it to kit@laminarcollective.com & I'll do my best to answer it. Welcome to the campaign. 

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